Information about withdraw

How it works

To withdraw your ZIL from Avely Finance you can switch to the Withdraw tab on the staking page of our dApp.

You will see a form where you can type an amount which you want to withdraw. Our dApp will automatically count an amount of ZIL which you will receive. And then you can press a withdraw button.

After the button is pressed you will see a pending transaction notification.

When a color of this notification is changed to green you can continue withdrawal process.

Now you can scroll a page down and there you can see your withdrawals. Now you need to wait around 30800 blocks for this withdrawal to be finished. It's around 14 days in Zilliqa mainnet and around 30 minutes in Zilliqa testnet.

When a progress reached 100% a claim button will be available. Now you can press it.

You will see a pending claim notification.

When notification color is changed to green your ZIL is already deposited to your wallet.


When you withdraw your funds from liquid staking, there is a fee of 1 stZil that you'll need to pay to cover the costs of the transaction generated by our off-chain tool. It's important to keep in mind that this fee is subject to change and is not a source of income for us. The fee is only used to pay for expenses associated with the withdrawal.

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